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Become a Legends Charter School Investment Buddy

Help Ensure 100% of Our Scholars Have the Opportunity to Invest

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Investing Today for Tomorrow's Legends

Our Goal is to have 100% of our students investing in the stock market. We are looking for donor-volunteers like you to participate in our investment buddy program and invest start-up money ranging from $25 and up to fund a child's custodial account and then have regular check-ins with the child on how their portfolios are performing.

How it Works:

  1. Meet the requirements: You must have capacity to give: investment funds, time to connect with a child and their family and pass a background check.
  1. Attend orientation to learn the Legends Financial Education objectives and get matched with a child and family
  1. Get Started: Meet your child and family at our inaugural brown-bag kick-off
  1. Make difference: By following the Legends lead and being authentic you’ll make history as you work with a student and family to build financial confidence and make impressive gains.